Corporate and Special Events

NEPS focuses on the entertainment industry at corporate and special events in major markets and remote locations in all 50 states, Canada and Puerto Rico. We deploy on-site plainclothes security agents to protect specialty properties, personnel and the general public.


Large security services prioritize elsewhere, and only provide this sort of service on the side, not as their focus. But for NEPS, your corporate and special events are part of our specialty. We only entrust well-paid, background-checked, experienced non-uniformed security agents to our clients’ corporate and special events, not the basic uniformed guards or lower-paid, often inexperienced personnel larger firms will typically assign.

Entertainment Venues:

Providing security protection at entertainment venues is not a top priority for large security firms, who often throw less experienced, lower-paid uniformed guards and other personnel at such assignments. But for NEPS securing entertainment venues is part of our specialized corporate focus.

NEPS works with the venue’s representatives to craft a custom strategy giving clients exactly what they want. And since this is our niche, we can handle last-minute, hard-to-fill jobs anywhere in North America with success, since we will only work with highly-paid, experienced, background-checked, plainclothes (suit and tie) professional security agents for any protection we offer.


We supply transit protection in urban, rural and remote locales throughout all 50 states, Canada and Puerto Rico. As NEPS is a specialty security firm, we can satisfy last-minute, difficult requests without offering lower quality protection since we only employ well-paid, background-checked, non-uniformed security personnel and we only work within our area of focus.

Larger security firms typically use basic uniformed guards and lower-paid, less experienced security personnel, since their top priorities are elsewhere. For NEPS this is our niche, and we work with clients to create custom security solutions for transit protection with a corporate focus large security firms can’t offer.