Film Anti-Piracy Efforts

Piracy prevention forms the heart of what NEPS Worldwide stands for. Our clients trust us to protect literally billions of dollars’ worth of intellectual properties yearly throughout North America and as far away as mainland China.

shutterstock_140757463NEPS Worldwide protects hundreds of feature movies, including such blockbusters as Divergent, The Hunger Games and Twilight. We regularly protect intellectual property and other assets for studios and distributors that include Lionsgate Entertainment, Summit Entertainment, Perry Plays LLC, Roadside Attractions, eOne Entertainment and Alliance Entertainment.

We are known for providing effective, non-invasive theater anti-piracy security measures. These approaches may include appropriate use of night vision gear, cellphone storage, screening wands and deployment of plain clothes security officers.

NEPS Worldwide is also working on upcoming technologies to better identify unauthorized usage of video and sound recording equipment.

NEPS Worldwide maintains offices in Beverly Hills to effectively service one of the world’s major entertainment and event capitals.