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VIP / Executive Protection

We provide a personalized executive protection plan. This means we:

  • Develop a complete client profile and destination assessment
  • Create multiple executive protection levels and options
  • Respect your privacy and pre-identify friends / approved associates
  • Base executive protection on your situational needs

We employ “secret service” tactics and multiple surveillance options. This means we:

  • Deploy advance teams to scan and secure perimeters of locations
  • Assign covert agents as field observers of your executive protection detail
  • Establish 360-degree observation posting and communications
  • Implement diversionary measures to reduce traceability

We plan for all scenarios. This means we:

  • Constantly ask “what-if” questions to support executive protection schemes
  • Establish multiple entry-exit routes
  • Anticipate your needs

We educate executives and VIPs on our executive protection plans and approach. This means we:

  • Train clientele about safety-first tactics
  • Provide executive protection awareness training
  • Review and rehearse threat response strategies

We assign the highest caliber executive protection agents. This means we:

  • Draw personnel from law enforcement (off-duty, retired, and reserve officers), military operatives (retired and active), and high-end executive protection personnel
  • Review performance and constantly update personnel in best practices

We offer real-time executive protection monitoring. This means we:

  • Allow on-line viewing of executive protection status for clients / VIPS in real time
  • Continually update each executive protection detail
  • Report all team arrivals / executive protection duties / departures
  • Log all events / actions provided by our executive protection teams

NOTE: The information provided here is for informational purposes. To protect our clientele, we provide only a partial description of our executive protection services and procedures.


Child Protection Teams

  • Domestic and international coverage of children – from infants to teens
  • Protection against threats of spousal abductions, kidnapping, other predators

Anti-Stalker Unit

  • Used in matters of extreme complexity 
  • Used in matters of extreme confidentiality
  • Highly-covert, former government agents & police investigative